Pros and Cons of Food Trailer and Food Trucks


A huge advantage for buying food trailers is how significantly less expensive it would cost than food trucks. Trailers can be either 7 ft or 8.5 ft in width, provides a lot of storage and can be parked in a small location as the length can come in many different sizes. The downfall to this, is a towing vehicle will be needed to be purchased or rented to be able to tow the trailer around.

With a food truck, the benefit is not needing assistance to tow it. You are able to be more mobile and get around to varieties of locations and spaces. Yet, keep in mind, maintenance and any mechanical issues are your own responsibility and will all have their additional cost.

Consider all your options when it comes to cost and what your goals are for your business.


Differences between trailers and trucks.


The trucks we provide are all step vans, which you’re able to drive, and makes it much easier to maneuver through traffic. They are more noticeable to the crowd because of their big size, yet they save a ton of space at any event they are catering.

Food trailer, on the other hand, a vehicle would be needed to pull it. Which takes of more space because of the both the trailer and the vehicle its being pulled with. Parking a trailer can get a bit tricky, but takes time to learn.


Concession trailers approximate weight


Approximately, a trailer can weight from 4,000 to 8,000 pounds.


Frequently Asked Questions:



Do you only build food trucks?


Actually, no. We can build any time of mobile business.  A few that we have done are mobile barbershop, mobile nail salon, a mobile shoe store, even a mobile gym!


What is the starting price?


The starting price for our food trucks are $45,000 and for our food trailers is $23,000.

It all depends on the equipment you are interested in, including the size of truck/trailer you need. Any other type of mobile business, email us for better pricing.




How can I receive a quote?


Under the section, “Contact Us”, fill out the form with a layout that fit your ideal mobile business or let us the size of truck/trailer you are interested. Including the details of cooking equipment and refrigeration you need.


Do you supply Cargo Vans?


No, we don’t provide cargo vans. What we only provide are step vans and trailers.


Can I provide my own vehicle?


Yes, of course! You have the ability to bring your own vehicle and we can custom build them. What we will need is the dimensions of space we will be working on.


Do you offer warranty on the food trucks or food trailers?


The truck, itself, does not have warranty.  What we do offer is a year warranty for all the interior work we do on the food trucks/trailers. The trailers we supply are all brand new with warranty, including all the brand-new equipment we install.


Are walk-ins accepted or only by appointments?


You are able to stop by at any time during our office hours.


List of Accessories


  • Ticket Holder
  • Knife Rack
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Grease Catcher
  • LED Lights
  • LED Acrylic Shelfs
  • Splash Guard
  • Fryer Covers
  • Custom Steps
  • Cash Register
  • SIGNS & so much more!